Welcome to the 2017 Internal Coach Program (ICP) application process for schools!

The ICP provides training to members of your  school’s faculty to become resident Hidden Sparks coaches and resources for the school as they are trained and mentored in understanding and teaching to diverse learning styles and behaviors. We will support them as  they provide classroom centered coaching and strategies for children. Please watch the videos below to find out more.

Program Details

Training and support are at the core of this program. During the “Internal Coach-in-training” period, we will provide your select faculty member(s) with:

  • The ICP Course: 6 days of formal training and one half day of shadowing in spring 2017.
  • Mentoring: 7 one-on-one, half-day mentoring sessions, to take place at your school during the 2017-18 school year.
  • 3 Regional Group Meetings: Facilitated, small group practicums which focus on the key coaching skills of observation, debriefing, and workshop facilitation, held during the 2017-18 school year in fall, winter, and spring.
  • Participation in an annual Coach Retreat (winter 2018).

Your Partnership

Your support is crucial to the success of the program in your school. By supporting your Internal Coach, you are helping strengthen the systems in your school for diverse learners and cultivating teacher support teams. You will be responsible to:

  • Release Internal Coaches-in-training for the 6 days of training, a half-day of shadowing, 3 regional meetings, 7 monthly mentoring sessions, and a full day annual retreat.
  • Assign pairs of General and Judaic Studies (who work with the same students) to work with the Internal Coach. New Internal Coaches-in-training typically work with 2 teachers.
  • Arrange for the teachers whom the Internal Coach works with to meet once per month for grade level “Hidden Sparks meetings.”  Both the General Studies and Judaic Studies teachers attend the meeting together.
  • Provide 1 – 2 hours per week in the Internal Coach’s schedule, and appropriate coverage, for conducting classroom observations of students and one-to-one peer coaching. (The Internal Coaches will be mentored in all of these areas during the first year.)

Thanks to generous grants from our funders, we are able to offer the following subsidized rates:

  • Early Bird Rates for applications received by 12/23/2016: $400 for one participant, $800 for two and a third can participate at $250.  
  • After 12/23/2016: the fees increase to $475 per participant.
  • Special pricing for groups of four or more, please call the office for details.
  • NOTE: For ECP schools, the cost of training new IC’s is included in the 2017-18 ECP school fee.

If you are an administrator or school faculty member and are interested in hearing more about the ICP program,  or need help completing the application, please  contact Sara Diament, Director of School Services at Sara@HiddenSparks.org or (212) 767-7707.

Please note, we are currently accepting applications from schools in the NY/NJ Metro area. Schools in other areas are advised to contact the office regarding our other programs and bringing this one to your city.


Important Program Dates

Mon Nov 14
Application process opens

Fri Dec 23
Early Application Deadline

Wed Jan 11
Final Application Deadline

Wed Feb 8
ICP Course Day 1 (Learning Lenses)

Thu Feb 9
ICP Course Day 2 (Learning Lenses)

Tue Feb 14
ICP Course Day 3 (Learning Lenses)

Wed Feb 15
ICP Course Day 4 (Learning Lenses)

Shadowing: Coach-in-training spends half a day shadowing an experienced Hidden Sparks Coach at another school

Wed May 3
ICP Course Day 5 (Coaching Skills)

Thu May 4
ICP Course Day 6 (Coaching Skills)

Course Days take place from 9:00-4:30 in a mid-town Manhattan location.

Fall 2017
Coaching Begins:
ICP Coaches-in-training devote 1-2 hours a week to conduct student observations, debrief with the corresponding teacher, and meet monthly with all teachers with whom the coach works as a group.

Mentoring Begins:
A Hidden Sparks mentor visits the coach-in-training for a half day every month (7 months, total)

Fall 2017/ Winter 2018/ Spring 2018
Regional Meetings and Retreat

Coaches-in-training attend:
(3) 2-hour Regional Group Meetings where they have the opportunity to practice their coaching skills in real classrooms. The full-day Hidden Sparks Coach Retreat (typically held in January).