The Hidden Sparks External Coach Program is our most comprehensive professional development program, offering weekly in-school professional development in understanding and teaching to diverse learning styles and  enhancing understanding of behavior. Senior coaches provide one-on-one classroom centered coaching to teams of secular and Judaic studies teachers, as together they observe students and develop learning strategies for maximizing student success. This program is operating in eight Jewish day schools and yeshivot in the New York Metropolitan area. It is geared towards schools serving children in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Elements of the program include:
  • Weekly guided classroom observation and one-to-one teacher coaching.
  • Monthly facilitated meetings with teams of teachers to: 1.Review students’ learning styles, 2. Discuss aspects of learning and behavior  with specific application to children in the class, and 3. Develop learning strategies for the struggling learner.
  • Workshops on Language, Attention, Memory, Temporal Sequential Organization, Social Cognition, Higher Order Cognition, Ordering Systems, Understanding Behavior, Positive Behavioral Support.

This is a multi-year program that works in conjunction with our Internal Coach Program.

If you are interested in applying to become a participating ECP school, please download a comprehensive program description and contact Sara Diament, Director of School Services, at or 212-767-7707.