Hidden Sparks | Executive Director Participates in MAOZ Leadership Program

Executive Director Participates in MAOZ Leadership Program

January 24, 2018

This week, Executive Director, Debbie Niderberg, began her participation in  year-long program, the Maoz Advot Educational Leadership Fellowship program in Israel, a joint program of the Ministry of Education and MAOZ. Along with other selected leaders in the field, Ms. Niderberg began the intensive one year program that includes intensive exposure to the driving forces in the educational system, lectures of senior government officials and various experts, and workshops on leading change.

The Advot program’s goals are to create a shared language around the education system’s core challenges, to increase trust between senior players in the system, develop existing leaders within the educational system, and create a network of change-making leaders that collaborate to create meaningful change. Maoz is leading parallel programs in healthcare management and municipal leadership.