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Hidden Sparks Coaches Go Online

March 24, 2020

Hidden Sparks coach, Dr. Sara Reichman, began coaching at Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, NY and Hebrew Academy of Nassau County in Plainview, NY in the fall- the beginning of a five-year intensive program at both the schools. She quickly became a highly valued presence in classrooms, observing students, debriefing and strategizing with teachers. When COVID hit, and the school went online, Dr. Reichman did not skip a beat as she quickly reached out to teachers and administrators to see how she could continue to offer her support. Since then, she has been a fixture in ZOOM classrooms, continuing to observe students, and participating in private and whole staff discussions with teachers regarding creative ways to engage students. Participating teachers have been very receptive to this guidance and appreciative of having a set of trained eyes in their virtual classroom.

Hidden Sparks coach, Molly Warner, in her second year at North Shore Hebrew Academy (NSHA) in Great Neck, NY has experienced a similar sentiment. The school provides her with a weekly ZOOM class participation schedule and she is often joined by the peer coaches and principals she is working with so that they can co-observe with her and continue to be mentored virtually. Together, they are problem solving and supporting teachers as instruction evolves. Ms. Warner, who works privately in many parochial schools, was amazed at how quickly NSHA got up and running online and has been thrilled to be able to continue to be a part of the learning that is taking place.