This course has been completed. Please stay tuned for professional development opportunities to be held in Summer 2018.

Hidden Sparks' popular LEARNING LENSES COURSE

is being offered LIVE this summer in NYC.

Join us for four eye-opening days, July 19-20 & 24-25 and learn to observe, reflect and plan for all the students in your classroom.

Hidden Sparks is now an authorized New York State provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education.

Who Should Take This Course?


  • Learning Lenses, a collaboration between Hidden Sparks and The Churchill School and Center, is Hidden Sparks’ core curriculum. This course is designed for faculty members of day schools and yeshivot. We welcome general and Judaic studies classroom teachers, resource room staff, guidance personnel, and administrators.

What you will learn

What Will I Learn?

  • The Hidden Sparks Learning Lenses curriculum will help you learn how to observe, reflect and plan for all students in your classrooms.
  • Using multiple lenses and real-life case studies, you will learn to understand student strengths and challenges, and identify strategies for all learners, including those who struggle academically and present challenging social-emotional issues. 
    • Neurodevelopmental Lens: A neuro-developmental understanding of learning  including topics such as attention, memory, social skills, language, higher order thinking and sequencing.
    • Ecological Lens: the ways in which the child’s home life, classroom culture and community impact their experience.
    • Temperamental Lens: identifying, understanding and celebrating components of a child’s innate personality.
  • You will expand your instructional and conceptual toolboxes to improve student achievement.

Course structure

  • The four-day course  will run from 9am-4:30pm on July 19-20 & 24-25 in Midtown Manhattan. 
  • A strictly kosher lunch and will be provided.
  • There will be a brief assignment to complete in the evenings.
  • A certificate of course completion for 34 hours of coursework will be provided upon completion of the course. (Hidden Sparks is authorized by the New York State Department of Education to provide Continuing Teacher and Leader Education.)


$365 For Early Bird Registration by 5/30
$410 After 5/30


Hollis Dannaham

Hollis Dannaham, M.Ed., is a Senior Hidden Sparks Coach. She has been empowering complex learners for 30 years as a learning specialist, special educator, administrator, and consultant in public, private, and charter schools. Hollis created Transform Boundaries, an organization dedicated to helping schools create programs for reaching their complex learners, served as the Director of Academic Intervention at Explore Charter School, co-created the Carmel Alternative High School for at-risk teens, and worked as a learning specialist at the Student Success Center of All Kinds of Minds. She was recently published in Jewish Educational Leadership Journal and  Education Update.

Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Fox, Director of Education, Hidden Sparks: Ms. Fox oversees Hidden Sparks’ External and Internal Coach programs as well as all aspects of training. Prior to her position at Hidden Sparks, she served as professional development advisor for the Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) at Columbia University Teachers College, where she is currently a doctoral student in English Education. Ms. Fox has held numerous positions in which she designed and facilitated workshops on various components of comprehensive school reform, to create structures and systems within schools that would improve their culture and efficacy, to develop and implement experiential learning programs for high school students throughout the city, and to start an organizational development program for school leaders.

Space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further information about the course, please contact:

Sara Diament

Director of School Services

  • “  I have learned about taking time to really look more closely at student work in an effort to ‘get closer to the student’.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  I had a wonderful time. The idea of Lenses was very clarifying for me in terms of giving me a structure through which to analyze children and their abilities/disabilities in a school setting.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  In the future, I will allow student to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and work together with them to develop a set of goals and strategies.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  I learned to reflect on my own teaching and activities and how they affect my classroom dynamics.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  Going forward, I will try to look at students’ behavior through the different lenses, as opposed to labeling them.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  I liked the case studies and sharing opinions and strategies with colleagues, as well as the variety of activities presented.  ”

    Course Participant
  • “  This program has been eye opening! It is extremely well planned and an excellent model for facilitating a great learning process. I cannot wait to train the rest of my staff.  ”

    Course Participant