Over 14 years, Hidden Sparks programs have impacted 19,000 teachers and their thousands of students in Jewish schools across the US and Israel through school-based coaching in understanding student learning and behavior. Recognized 6 times for innovation by Slingshot, and awarded a Covenant Grant for excellence in education, Hidden Sparks has also trained 3,985 educators from 133 day schools in it’s intensive Hidden Sparks curriculum. Hidden Sparks further trained trained 395 school leaders as Hidden Sparks peer coaches to cultivate their schools’ expertise. Hidden Sparks works with schools  in the New York Metro area,  AZ, MD, FL,  IL, and TX, and schools in five cities in Israel.   

Program STATS

Coaching Programs: Hidden Sparks has trained 3,985 educators from 133 day schools in it’s intensive Hidden Sparks curriculum. 395 school leaders have further trained as Hidden Sparks peer coaches to cultivate their schools’

External coaches deliver an an average of 20 workshops to teacher teams per school per year.  

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs: Over 60 workshops and group coaching sessions were presented to over 1,000 educators in CA, FL, MD, NY, NJ, NY, RI and TX.

Israel Program: Our Israel program has worked with 15 schools, working with 143 classroom teachers, so that to date we have impacted  7,650 students. The Hidden Sparks curriculum has been translated into Hebrew and parts into Arabic. Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Israel for professional education credits.

Webinars: Since its inception, Hidden Sparks Without Walls has offered 135 webinars with over 5,500 participating educators and parents from hundreds of Jewish Schools in 92 cities across 20 US states and 4 Canadian provinces, Chile, Brazil.

Official NYS provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Requirements (CTLE). 


Day Schools

have participated in our workshops and training programs

400 Educators

have trained to be Hidden Sparks peer coaches in their schools


of supporting educators in Jewish day schools yeshivas

Close to 8000

participants in courses, workshops and webinars in 27 states


from 78 schools in 9 states have taken our Differentiated Instruction training


of Live

delivered annually on topics ranging from neurodevelopment to differentiated instruction to Social-emotional learning



have been presented to thousands of educators all over the wolrd who can access them again on our archive

Official NYS Provider

of Continuing Teacher and Leader
Education Requirements (CTLE).

1000s of Days

of onsite teacher coaching

Columbia University Evaluation Findings

Teachers who receive Hidden Sparks training:


Now communicate with their students in a more non-judgemental manner.


Use the Hidden Sparks curriculum to access congnitive demands of their lessons.


Changed their teaching in some way to address struggling learners.


Use collaborative learning in their lessons.

External Coach Program Survey Findings

Teachers who work with a Hidden Sparks Coach:


Presented a shift in the way in which they perceive their students, e.g. in terms of strength and/or challenges.


Show an incrase in instructional approaches or strategies considered or implemented.


Reflect on their practice.


Value collaborative Hidden Sparks meetings to discuss students.