For over 10 years, Hidden Sparks has impacted thousands of students and teachers in Jewish schools across the US and Israel through school-based coaching in understanding student learning and behavior. Recognized 6 times for innovation by Slingshot, Hidden Sparks has also trained 350 educators from 125 Jewish day schools to act as school-based coaches  in the New York Metro area,  MD, FL,  IL, and Israel (Jerusalem, Kfar Adumim, Lod, Modiin, Ramle) and 3,875 have received intensive training in the Hidden Sparks curriculum.

Over the last 13 years, in their totality, our programs have reached 17,500 teachers and their thousands of students.

Program STATS

2020-21 ECP Program (NY/NJ): This year, Hidden Sparks External Coaches in six NY Metro area schools worked intensively with 64 classroom teachers impacting over 1000  students. External coaches deliver an an average of 20 workshops to teacher teams per year.  

2020-21 ICP Program (US): 35 new Internal Coaches were mentored.

2020-21 Social-Emotional Learning Initiative: Over 60 workshops and group coaching sessions were presented to over 1,000 educators in CA, FL, MD, NY, NJ, NY, RI and TX.

2019-20 Israel Program: Our Israel program is running in 9 schools, working with 143 classroom teachers, so that to date we have impacted  7,650 students. The Hidden Sparks curriculum has been translated into Hebrew and parts into Arabic. Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Israel for professional education credits.

Webinars: Since its inception, Hidden Sparks Without Walls has offered 135 webinars with over 5,500 participating educators and parents from hundreds of Jewish Schools in 92 cities across 20 US states and 4 Canadian provinces, Chile, Brazil.

Official NYS provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Requirements (CTLE).