Internal Coach Training Program

Your students are diverse in their strengths and challenges, background knowledge, and learning preferences. The Hidden Sparks Internal Coach Program trains administrators, guidance and support personnel to become  resident coaches  and resources to your faculty in understanding and supporting all learners.

The designated faculty member(s) will receive training and on-site mentoring in understanding and teaching to diverse learning styles, strategies for struggling students, and skill development to become peer coaches. We encourage training faculty teams to take advantage of this resource and build school capacity in this area.

Following an initial training, the “internal coaches in-training” receive in-school mentoring by a senior  Hidden Sparks coach over the course of the subsequent academic year in order to hone their coaching skills. 

Educators that participate in the Internal Coach Program receive training in:
  • Understanding the Hidden Sparks Learning LensesĀ® framework: 1. The neurodevelopmental constructs such as: Language, Attention, Memory, Temporal Sequential Organization, Social Cognition, Higher Order Cognition, and Ordering Systems, 2.  Ecology and Classroom Ecology and their impact on success in school, and 3. Temperamental Traits and their affect on children’s learning experiences.
  • Coaching skills for conducting guided observations of students, debrief on their strengths and challenges and developing strategies.
  • Please note, we are currently accepting applications from schools in the NY/NJ Metro area. Schools in other areas are advised to contact the office regarding our other programs and bringing this program to their city.

Take a Peak at our Course

If you are an administrator or school faculty member and are interested in hearing more about the ICP program,  please  contact Sara Diament, Director of School Services at or (212) 767-7707.