The strategic plan for schools divides the Hidden Sparks professional development program into 5 phases and sets goals for each of those phases.

Phase 1 Goals


Learning about their own learning profiles as a precursor to understanding the range and diversity of learning. Recognizing their strengths and putting boundaries around their struggles.


Understanding the component parts of learning as well as the diversity of learning profiles Developing skills in the observation of students Recognizing the importance of their students’ strengths Communicating non-judgmentally with students Becoming familiar with Hidden Sparks Principles and the Teacher Resource Guide.


Demonstrating comfort and proficiency in the skills of student observations, debriefing with teachers, and facilitating monthly meetings with teachers. Presenting and supporting through their coaching the understanding of learning as comprised of component parts as well as the diversity of learning profiles. Developing ease and authority as a mentor among peers. Facilitating the partnership between the school administration and Hidden Sparks.


Accepting its role in partnership with Hidden Sparks with the ultimate goal of sustaining the Hidden Sparks program independently. Supporting scheduling of Hidden Sparks meetings within school as well as the attendance of Internal Coaches at Hidden Sparks meetings out Endeavor to add a new Internal Coach each year with the goal of each school division (elementary, middle school, etc.) having at least one (Internal) coach.

To read more about phases 2-5, download the pdf below.

Strategic Plan for Schools (PDF)