We are excited to present our award winning course  this summer in partnership with the Jewish Education Project. Our Learning Lenses course transforms educators’ confidence and skills in teaching a range of students, especially those with academic, social or behavioral challenges. Judaic and secular studies teachers, administrators, guidance and special services faculty are all welcome.


Gain a deeper understanding of neurodevelopment topics such as attention, memory, social skills, language, higher order thinking and how to support students who struggle in these areas;
Explore temperament and classroom ecology to help support students, especially those who struggle;
Gain strategies for understanding and supporting neurodiverse learners and whole classroom strategies to deepen impact on your teaching and all of your students.
AUDIENCE: All school faculty, including: Judaic and General Studies teachers, guidance and support personnel, & administrators
DATES: July 24, 25, 30 & 31;  9:30am-4:30pm each day
LOCATION:  Midtown Manhattan
FEE:  $199  (includes kosher dairy lunch). Participants eligible for 24 NYS CTLE CEUs. Limited scholarships available.       
Questions?  Sara@HiddenSparks.org/201-218-5703

Registration is now open via our host partner, The Jewish Education Project! Space is limited.


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Meet Our Facilitators

Tamar Appel, Director of Education for Hidden Sparks, is a past Associate Principal of Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ, having served there as a teacher and administrator for a combined 18 years. As an educational leader, she has created a culture of ongoing professional development, supportive and productive mentorship of faculty, and academic excellence. She has also served as a mentor for school leaders through Prizmah’s YOU Lead Program and for new teachers through the Jewish New Teacher Project, and has pursued her own professional growth through programs including the Summer Institute for Principals at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Andrea Rousso taught for 33 years before joining the Hidden Sparks team as a coach and facilitator. She initially taught emotionally fragile children with special needs, and subsequently served as a teacher-trainer for special education.  Andrea received a Bank Street Early Childhood Education award for her innovative  curriculum and teaching style, and  was a certified facilitator for the Schools Attuned Program of All Kinds of Minds. Andrea also works as a part-time consultant in three NYC public schools, where she meets with teachers to assist them with curriculum adaptations and understanding classroom behaviors.


“The Hidden Sparks training that I received has informed every aspect of my teaching. As much as I thought I was listening to students, working with their strengths, and helping them. Now there is a greater joy in teaching because I can figure it out and make a difference, and that’s going to affect my students for years to come. “ Rebecca Nenner, Teacher, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, West Hempstead

“As an administrator, I found that I’ve always known that students do well if they can but I didn’t always know how to apply it in practice. Taking the training has given me more insight into how to reach every child on a practical level so that they can do well. When students come into my office with behavioral issues, I’ve found that I am in a better place to be able to understand what happened that caused the child to have a maladaptive response.” -Rabbi Yaakov Sebbag, Principal, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva

For more information, please contact Sara Diament, Director of School Services 201-218-5703 / Sara@HiddenSparks.org