Designed for classroom teachers,  the Hidden Sparks Peer Coaching Program cultivates a supportive relationship between partner teachers so that they can work together to understand their students more deeply. Together, they will learn to combine their new knowledge of the Learning Lenses framework along with their teaching experiences to develop strategies and support students even more effectively.

NYS CEUs granted.

3-Part Training:
  • December 2024 in Midtown ManhattanHidden Sparks Learning Lenses® Course: The Learning Lenses course teaches educators a framework for enhancing understanding of their student’s learning profile and their areas of strength and challenge. Participants gain a deeper understanding of neurodevelopment and delve into students’ attention, memory, social skills, language, higher order thinking,  and how to support students who struggle in  these areas. In addition, the course explores student temperament and classroom ecology so that participants gain a holistic view of their student’s school experience.  Participants ultimately gain a deeper understanding of learning and behavior so that they can plan more effectively for all of the students in their class and a robust tool-kit of strategies so that they feel more competent and empowered when they encounter a student(s) who is having a more challenging experience. (This course can also be taken as a stand alone training.)
  • February 2025 in Midtown Manhattan: 2-day Coaching Skills Institute to learn how to conduct guided observations of students, debrief with your peers on their strengths and challenges, and develop strategies.
  • Follow-up on-site mentoring at your school: 8 half-day visits per coaching dyad (4 per person) through the spring and following fall. Schedule to be determined by you and your Senior Hidden Sparks coach.

Thanks to generous grants from our funders, we are able to offer the following subsidized rates:

  • Early Bird Rates (application received by 11/24): $550 for the first participant, $450 for each subsequent participant.
  • After 11/24,  the fees increase to $650 per participant.
  • NOTE: For ECP schools, the cost  is included in the 2023-24 ECP school fee, presuming applications are received by the early bird deadline.

Registration opens fall 2024

Please note, we are currently accepting applications from schools in the NY/NJ Metro area. Schools in other areas are advised to contact the office regarding our other programs and bringing this program to their city.

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If you are an administrator or school faculty member and are interested in hearing more about the PC program,  please  contact Sara Diament, Director of School Services at or (212) 767-7707.