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Hidden Sparks Without Walls is a webinar series designed for educators and administrators serving Jewish day schools. The Parent Connection is a webinar series that offers parents a way to deepen their understanding of learning and behavior.

NEW! CTLE Hours Available

The Hidden Sparks certificate of participation continues to be available at no charge to all participant. Additionally, live participation in a HSWOW webinar for educators is now eligible for one New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hour for a $15 administrative fee.   (Please note that webinars designated as  “For Parents” are not eligible for CTLE.)

Those who wish to receive CTLE hours should register and participate in the webinar as usual. Following the webinar, a survey link will be sent with the option to request CTLE and instructions for how to pay the $15 fee.

To receive the one-hour CTLE certificate, the following requirements must be met: 1) live participation in the webinar; 2) Completion of the post-webinar survey within 72 hours of the live webinar; and 3) Payment of the $15 fee, which is due upon submission of the survey. The certificate will be emailed to you within one week of your request. Please be in touch with Margaret Sarro at if you have any questions.


Assessing student learning is critical for student growth, and the variety of assessment options yields great opportunities. This webinar utilizes psychological research as well as pedagogical experience to shed light on how school leaders and teachers may choose the types of assessments that are best for evaluating and promoting student progress. 

Date: May 02, 2023 @ 8:30 pm
Instructor: Tamar Appel

At Kohelet Yeshiva Lab and Middle School’s inception, the administrative team articulated student-centered Learning Principals, derived from what is known about how children learn. Join this webinar to learn about these principles, how they are implemented, and can drive your pedagogical decisions to create a joyful place of learning.

Date: May 16, 2023 @ 8:30 pm
Instructor: Becky Troodler