Assistive Technology

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Technology can assist students to overcome difficulties with academic tasks, from accessing information to processing information and creating output. Computer based technology can help students read, write and organize. In this HSWOW course we will focus on several ways to use a computer and other devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players and tablets with students. Skills instruction will include techniques for reading text aloud, creating text from speech, taking annotated notes on the screen and using basic organization tools, such as online calendars.

Shannon Stringer

Shannon Stringer, M.Ed, M. Sp. Ed serves as head of Technology Integration for The Churchill School, a K-12 nonpublic school, serving children with learning disabilities. For the past two decades, she has taught technology and technology integration to students and teachers in grades K-12. Holding a Masters in Education from Teacher's College and a Masters in Special Education from Hunter College, Ms. Stringer believes that technology is a powerful tool for collaboration and learning for teachers and students.