Back to School: A Proactive Approach to Managing Separation Anxiety in our Students and Children

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In this webinar, we will explore the who, what, where, when, why, and how of separation anxiety. Educators and parents alike will learn a proactive, strategy-based approach to utilize for a host of separation situations and consider the vast opportunities for life-skill development during separation. Upon completion, attendees will have the necessary tools to become empowered to turn the “goodbye blues” into the “Yippee-Yahoos”!

Randi Goldfarb

Randi Goldfarb, Founder and President of Zak & Nat™ (a division of Proactive Connections, LLC) is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker, published children’s book author, dedicated preschool teacher, mother of two spirited boys, and the creator of the Keep Calm Kit™. She is an impassioned problem-solver with a keen ability to focus on proactive based solutions, which are an integral part of the workshops and trainings that she delivers in preschool settings. Randi focuses on empowering educators, caregivers and children to connect and stay connected, by creatively building social-emotionalskills, thus improving communication skills for everyone.Like most of us, Randi has little time to spare, but when she can, she loves to ride her bike or go for a brisk walk/run to keep the adrenaline flowing, trying to solve another challenge, as she is inspired by the beauty and potential around her.