Core Classroom Practices in Judaic and General Studies that Reflect an Appreciation for All Kinds of Learners in the Classroom

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Good teaching utilizes a number of core instructional techniques to manage individual student difference in the classroom. By identifying and utilizing these core strategies, and understanding their neurodevelopment underpinnings, both targeted individual students and whole classes will benefit.

Judah Weller

Judah Weller, Ed.D. Educational Director for PTACH, is also an Associate Professor at Touro College in the Graduate Program in Speech and Language Pathology. Dr. Weller has trained over 600 Jewish educators as a Jewish day Schools Attuned® facilitator. He is credited with having established the first Jewish Studies Resource Room (in 1977) at HAFTR. Dr. Weller holds a doctorate in education from Azrieli Graduate School of Education of Yeshiva University and a master’s in speech and language from Adelphi University.