Helping Boost your Child’s Self Esteem

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This workshop will explore the various aspects of self-esteem with practical and research based strategies for building genuine self-worth. Redefining a child’s image, training them in an “optimistic explanatory style”, and priming them for success are some techniques that will be covered. This webinar will also address avoiding the common pitfalls of, perfectionist thinking, mental filtering, and mistaking feelings for facts.

Mindy Rosenthal

Mindy Rosenthal, M.S., BCBA, is the resource director at Ilan High School and an adjunct professor at Daemen College. Her private practice, Behavior & Educational Consulting (BEC), specializes in the remediation of social skill deficits in children, adolescents and adults with ASD, ADHD, and other verbal and non-verbal learning disabilities. Mindy serves as consultant to various New York and New Jersey schools, devising and implementing social skills and behavioral programs, as well as training parents and teachers.