Kriah Strategies for All

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Angie will be presenting research-based lesson ideas and tools and share web-based learning programs that support the development of Hebrew decoding for students. These ideas are based on her own practice working with students with language-based learning disabilities, where she has adopted multi-sensory components from Orton-Gilingham based reading programs including Preventing Academic Failure and Wilson Fundations to create a powerful and effective Kriah program.

Angelina Swenson

Angie Yucht Swenson is the Hebrew Language Coordinator at the Shefa School. Angie pioneered Shefa’s multisensory Hebrew reading program and continues to identify best practices in teaching Hebrew to students with language-based learning disabilities. Currently, Angie teaches small groups of students, builds curriculum and coaches teachers on Hebrew literacy. Prior to joining Shefa, Angie was a classroom teacher at the Aaron School, and served as a Hebrew language learning specialist at the Heschel School. Angie has been committed to finding best practices in teaching Hebrew to students with language based learning disabilities and ensuring that each student feels confident with their Hebrew language skills. Angie received her B.A. from Cornell University and a Masters Degree in Special Education from Hunter College. She is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program in School Leadership at Bank Street College.