Strategies for Hebrew Reading Comprehension

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Webinar Date: Oct 26, 2021
Presenter: Meirav Kravetz

In this session we will look into the objectives of Hebrew reading comprehension and the different genres of texts we should expose our students to. We use the UBD method (Understanding By Design) in order to examine different strategies that promote comprehension and encourage more student independence. We will offer a variety of tools that will assist teachers when they use texts as the basis for oral expression

Meirav Kravetz

Meirav Kravetz is a professional with vast experience in education, mentoring and leadership. She coaches and trains teachers in the US and Latin America, leading workshops, seminars and collaborative and expert webinars. Meirav recruits, supports and retrains new teachers, observes classes, and problem solves in order to maximize the effectiveness of the teachers in their classrooms. She demonstrates ability to advance learning objectives through her strengths in instructional planning, lesson presentation, student performance evaluation, and experiential learning.