What’s the Big Idea: Developing Reading Comprehension Skills

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Reading comprehension, the process of constructing meaning through active interaction with a text, is the ultimate goal of reading instruction. This HSWOW webinar will focus on various areas of reading comprehension, such as predictions and prior knowledge, questioning, summarization, think-aloud and visualization, and will include strategies and techniques that may be utilized within each area. Participants will learn explicit approaches to helping students develop and apply these comprehension strategies.

Hadassah Berg

Hadassah (Dassi) Berg, Ed.D, a literacy specialist in private practice, provides teacher training in literacy to schools and organizations. She also serves as an adjunct professor at Mercy College and as a consultant, program developer and adjunct professor at Daemen College.  Previously, Dr. Berg worked in the New York City public schools as a special education teacher and staff developer. Dr. Berg earned her master’s degree and doctorate degree in special education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and is certified in school administration and supervision.