Giving Effective Feedback

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Too many of us dread giving feedback whether it be to our students or faculty. That changes with “feedforward,” a partnership approach to managing people and performance. Based on proven communication and coaching techniques, feedforward shifts the message and methods of traditional feedback through powerful, two-way conversation. Educators at all levels will become more skilled at developing a dialogue focused around their students’ and employees’ goals, growth, and long-term contribution. You will gain actionable insights into the neuroscience of effective feedback, and develop practical tools to recognize and develop the full potential of those with whom you work.

Joe Hirsch

Joe Hirsch specializes in helping schools and businesses master the art and science of high-performance feedback. An award-winning educator and instructional leader, Joe has spent more than a decade in the K-12 and higher-ed markets training, coaching and empowering teachers and school administrators to differentiate instruction, design project-based learning, and bolster student support. Based on his 2017 book, The Feedback Fix, Joe has shown clients like the Gates Foundation and members of the U.S. armed forces how to boost creativity, foster collaboration and deepen self-awareness. He's a frequent keynote speaker, including at the 2017 Torah’ Umesorah Principal’s conference, a TEDx presenter, a columnist for Inc., and has appeared in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Educational Leadership, Edutopia, and other major outlets. Along with his wife and four boys, Joe lives (actually) in Dallas and (virtually) at