How to Ask Questions that Stimulate Students to Think and Learn

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When you hear an expert teacher question students it may sound deceptively easy. It is not. Learning how to ask powerful questions of students is a very valuable skill and like any other skill, takes time and deliberate practice to develop. In this session we will explore various kinds of questioning techniques and the multiple reasons for questioning students such as: to stimulate and provoke them to think creatively; to help them clarify their thinking; to encourage them to think critically; to teach students to be reflective and to develop self-control. In addition, educators will discuss ways to be good listeners that validate students’ ideas and builds a strong sense of community in a group.

Claire Wurtzel

Claire Wurtzel, MS, Co-Educational Director of Hidden Sparks, recently retired as the Director of Faculty Development for the Churchill School and Center in New York. Prior to this position, Ms. Wurtzel was the Director of Faculty Development for the New York City Schools Attuned initiative for All Kinds of Minds, an institute co-founded by Dr. Mel Levine and Charles Schwab to help educators work effectively with struggling learners. In her capacity as Director, she oversaw Schools Attuned courses, mentor training and facilitator training for over 400 New York City schools.