Internet Treasures and Tools for Literacy and Writing

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A variety of free, online technologies exist to help scaffold the writing process for students of all ages. This HSWOW webinar will show teachers a toolkit of websites to help them differentiate their instruction for learners who are struggling with organization, grammar, expressive language, sequencing and other writing difficulties. Participants will learn how to effectively use creative technology solutions to engage struggling writers and to give them the tools to succeed.

Please note that the facilitator will be “sharing” her desktop with participants as she goes to various websites and demonstrates online activities. As such, this particular session of HSWOW does not lend itself to phone-only participation.

Jeannie Crowley

Jeannie Crowley, MA, MS, is the Manager of Digital Media and Learning at Bank Street College. Her background includes years as a K-12 Special Education teacher and teacher trainer in the Bronx.  With master’s degrees in both Elementary Education and Digital Media Design and Learning, she works with educators to create innovative, constructivist digital learning experiences for students. She was awarded the Samsung Hope for Education and the ING Unsung Heroes awards for her work with young children and technology.