Making Chumash Come Alive in a Classroom of Diverse Learners

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Teachers have to teach Chumash skills to diverse learners, so one-size-fits-all strategies do not always work. In this practical and creative workshop, learn about ways of teaching all of your students the skills they need to master the Chumash lesson, ways to check for understanding, and tips that turn the daily lesson into a course that leaves children of all levels engaged and enthusiastic. Mrs. Siegel will share the energizing techniques she has used in her own classroom and has brought to countless classrooms across the tri-state and beyond.

Etti Siegel

Mrs. Etti Siegel holds a MS in Teaching and Learning/Educational Leadership and brings sound teaching advice to her audiences culled from her over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience. Etti spent four years as an Adjunct Professor at Aspen University and is now an Adjunct at Concordia College of NY. She is a coach and educational consultant for educational coaching agencies such as Catapult and HigherSchools, is a sought after mentor and workshop presenter around the country, and a popular presenter for Sayan (a teacher mentoring program), Yachad/OU, and the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools.