Non Frontal Review Techniques for the Classroom

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Do you want to add more games and other fun activities to your classroom repertoire? Research shows that kids learn better when they enjoy what they learn. When students play games with material that they are learning, they take ownership and generalize to other subjects. Join us for this creative webinar and learn techniques for creating hassle-free games and activities. Participants will come away with a variety of new game ideas that they can immediately implement in their classrooms. All games can be used with virtually any classroom topic.

Rivkah Dahan

Mrs. Rivkah Dahan is the Coordinator for No Child Left Behind Program for Hidden Sparks. A former mainstream and special education teacher, she holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education from City University of New York, is a certified advanced trainer for the Nurtured Heart approach, and has served as a mentor for The Jewish New Teacher Project. She was the founding director of Torah Umesorah's Educational Resource Center serving teachers and principals nation-wide, as well as Director of the Teacher Center of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland. She is the co-author of Creating a Learning Environment: The Ultimate Jewish Teacher’s Handbook and is a nationally recognized presenter.