Social Cognition: The Science of Relating (part 1)

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This two-session course will present different aspects of social cognition. Participants will gain an understanding of what children with strengths in social cognition look like, how difficulties in social cognition are manifested and what children with difficulties in this area experience. Additionally, practical strategies will be offered to help teachers work with and encourage students who experience weaknesses in this area. Participants will also gain insight on how students with strengths in social cognition can be most helpful to those with greater weakness.

Tamar Bauman

Tamar Bauman, a psychologist, works as a Hidden Sparks coach in two Jewish day schools. She has experience in both mental health and school psychology. She has worked for Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s On-site School Program for Mental Health helping children and their families with a range of behavioral and emotional issues. Dr. Bauman also has expertise leading social skills groups and has organized a social skills curriculum for elementary school students.