Planning Judaic Studies Lessons for all Learners: How Understanding Neurodevelopment Helps you Reach all Students

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What neurodevelopmental demands are made on a child when we ask them to find and put their finger on the place in a Chumash , read and translate a Pasuk? What strategies can be employed for students who have challenges in attention, memory, language or other areas of neurodevelopment? In this webinar, you will learn to analyze and design your Judaic Studies lessons using a neurodevelopmental lens allowing for maximal success for all your students.

Tamar Bauman

Tamar Bauman, a psychologist, works as a Hidden Sparks coach in two Jewish day schools. She has experience in both mental health and school psychology. She has worked for Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s On-site School Program for Mental Health helping children and their families with a range of behavioral and emotional issues. Dr. Bauman also has expertise leading social skills groups and has organized a social skills curriculum for elementary school students.