Touchpoints in Jewish Life: How Jewish Milestones Match Up With Child Development

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In recent years, bestselling authors have published book after book in the pursuit of supporting parents. As a Jewish community, we have the opportunity to tap into the ancient wisdom that Judaism offers into the process of growing up in very real and contemporary ways. Timeless truths about development, from early childhood through adolescence and beyond, can inform the way we relate to the children in our lives. We will examine questions like, “If we encourage the youngest among us to ask questions, like at the Seder, how do we understand their ability to absorb concrete and philosophical information?” and “How do the assumptions about responsibility match up with the developmental realities of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child?”

Dr. Aviva Goldstein

Dr. Aviva Goldstein is a lecturer, educator and family counselor based in Jerusalem. She occupies the space where the worlds of positive psychology, parenting and Judaism come together. Having worked with diverse populations – from day school administrators to gap year students, from non-profit organizations to teachers in Israel’s periphery – her projects range from curriculum and app development to individual and large-scale interventions. The common thread throughout her work is the desire to bring research findings and insights about children to the people who raise them.