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Transitions happen all the time. Most adults have learned to cope and strategize, either from past experiences or by seeking support from people and resources. Children, on the other hand, require the teacher’s leadership, support and explanation to cope with the variety of transitions they encounter throughout the school day. Efficient and developmentally appropriate transitions and expectations are key to a ‘steady’ classroom (especially for students with learning issues). This seminar will focus on the many kinds of transitions that students must pass through at school. We will explore the teacher’s role in teaching transitions and knowing how and when to transfer the responsibility to the students. We will offer and share tips for creating transitional practices and activities for the whole class as well as for individual students, in an effort to maintain efficient and focused instruction.

Andrea Rousso

Andrea Rousso has taught in the New York City public schools for 33 years and is currently a special education teacher in a kindergarten collaborative team classroom and a certified facilitator for the Schools Attuned® Initiative. Previously, she served as a special needs teacher for children in grades K-6 in a day treatment center and mentor to teachers in self-contained special education classes and collaborative teams in inclusive classrooms. Ms. Rousso has also led workshops for teachers, taught classes at the graduate level, and tutored children with learning disabilities.