“Work it out!??”: Supporting Conflict Resolution Among Students

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This presentation will introduce you to the core social skills, communication tools, and conflict resolution techniques necessary to help students solve problems independently of teacher intervention. You will learn how to create socially safe classrooms with unified rules and expectations, integrate problem solving skills into daily lessons, discuss the importance of ‘seeking first to understand’, explore different problem solving models, and include parents in the appropriate scaffolding and support of students’ social development.

Zipora Schuck

Zipora Schuck, MA, MS, is the founder of Pathways Consulting Services LLC, an agency providing professional development services to teachers, principals, therapists and parents. She is a NYS Certified school psychologist holding masters degrees in both special education and school psychology.  Mrs. Schuck  is currently the  Director of the Learning Center at the Beth Rochel School. She is a Catapult premium provider as well as a Torah Umesorah trainer whose popular workshops are usually standing room only! Additionally, she serves as adjunct faculty for Mercy College in their school of Education and Psychology.