A Balancing Act: The Intersection Between Student Temperament and Your Classroom’s Ecology

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Do some of your students jump from one activity to another while others are so persistent that they have a hard time transitioning? Do you like to introduce new activities into your lessons but find that some of your students are hesitant or resistant? Based on the research of Stella Chess and Alexander Thomas, there are nine innate temperament traits that can affect a child’s behavior in the classroom and in life. In this workshop you will learn what these temperaments are and the five components of classroom ecology that you can adjust to better support your students.

Hollis Dannaham

Hollis Dannaham, M.Ed., joins Hidden Sparks as an External Coach. She has been a learning specialist/special educator in public, private and charter schools, and has been working with struggling learners for 30 years. Hollis created Transform Boundaries, an organization dedicated to helping schools teach to struggling learners. She served as the Director of Academic Intervention at Explore Charter School and co-created the Carmel Alternative High School for at-risk teens. Hollis also worked as a learning specialist at the Student Success Center of All Kinds of Minds.