Fostering Essential Traits for Learning – growth mindset, grit and motivation

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Current cognitive research has shown that there are three specific nonacademic skills that are essential for student success. In this workshop participants will learn about the research on Grit, Growth Mindset, and Motivation and how this information can be translated into classroom practice to facilitate these skills and maximize student success.

Hollis Dannaham

Hollis Dannaham, M.Ed., has been empowering complex learners for 30 years as a learning specialist, special educator, reading specialist, administrator, and consultant in public, private, and charter schools. Hollis also worked as a learning specialist at the Student Success Center of All Kinds of Minds where she was deeply trained in the Neurodevelopment of Learning. Currently Hollis is the Learning Support Coordinator at The Middle Way School, a Senior Coach, Mentor, and Workshop Facilitator for Hidden Sparks, and an Adjunct Lecturer at SUNY New Paltz.