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Why is my child able to remember the names of all the students in his class and all the teachers in his school, but he can’t recall the multiplication facts? Or, why does my daughter remember all her cousins’ and aunts’ and uncles’ birthdays, but she can’t remember to brush her teeth before she goes to bed?  We have all been puzzled by seemingly inconsistent memory performance as exhibited by our children and worried by our own memory lapses.  In this webinar, we will consider the different kinds of memory and how it is possible to have both strengths and weaknesses in this pathway of learning.  We will also discuss memory strategies to help our children at home and ways to support our own memory challenges.

Karen Kruger

Karen Kruger, MS, is the Director of Curriculum & Professional Development at the Charles Armstrong School in California, a school that serves children with language based learning disabilities. Prior to that position, Ms. Kruger was the Director of Education at Hidden Sparks, and served as Hidden Sparks’ Internal Coach Program school- based mentor, a regional facilitator, and the lead trainer for Title funded workshops. Ms. Kruger also served as a field facilitator and course instructor for Schools Attuned, teaching courses offered by All Kinds of Minds, developed curricula for workshops, and mentored and supervised teachers in grades K-12. A former adjunct professor at Bank Street College of Education, where she received her Master’s degree, Ms. Kruger has taught in elementary and middle schools.